What exactly is a brand?

The words brand and branding are seen everywhere around in various contexts and with different meanings. So what exactly is a brand? A brand is a set of relations that a person (or group of people) makes with a company, product or service. What makes a product different from a brand? The following quote by Stephen King says it all.

“A product is something made in a factory; a brand is something that is bought by the customer. A product can be copied by a competitor; a brand is unique. A product can be quickly out-dated; a successful brand is timeless.”

And now what is branding?  Branding is an attempt to generate, develop, influence and control these relations to help the business perform better. Branding plays an important role in deciding the success of any organisation or company depending on the message conveyed through its branding; whether it is distinctive, trusted, exciting or reliable.

Intelligent use of concepts, designs, advertising and marketing help generate an image in people’s minds. Audience, competitors, service aspects etc. differs for different industry sectors, but the principles and tactics in branding remains the same.

Your brand is the way your customer perceives you.  It is not just a logo or graphic element but it includes everything from your logo, website and social media presence to the way your customers experience your staff. People want to be heard; when they know that they have a go-to brand that provides exactly the service they want, they won’t go anywhere else. And if you fail to present yourself clearly or if you fail to offer what they want then they will surely walk away. This is why branding is so critical to the success of a business. With so much competition, on such a global scale, it's critical to establish one's identity.

Now check this video by David Brier of DBD International on branding. 

InstoreMasters can help you with our branding and marketing services. We have been helping several clients to find their brand identity for the past few years. Just write to us in case you are in the quest to find your brand voice.

Why branding with InstoreMasters?

It is true that you would have a lot many questions in mind while approaching a branding agency. Our mother company, Grafiks International was started 22 years ago in Saudi Arabia realizing the huge potential for in-store industry in the region. Here was a gap that was yet to be filled and within a short time we were able to become one of the premier BTL solution providers in the Middle East.With a rota of celebrity brands and corporates we are looking to increase our market presence to more areas. 

Attempts to diversify will be futile without taking advantage of the latest technology; it's this thought that led us to the web development department of InstoreMasters. In 2003 www.Instoremasters.com was founded to completely utilize the rising internet penetration and people's desire to compare prices. At InstoreMasters we have acquired valuable professionals and partners to make the dealings with the clients even more transparent and smooth. Our site has kept up with the times and new methods of e-commerce. We have high ranking in all major search engines due to our never compromise attitude on content and SEO friendly text. 

InstoreMasters have strong and diverse partners in all major countries in the Middle East,UK,US and the far East. We have joined hands with web service providers in Europe & America and also source providers in India to give the best of E-store solutions. 

See our E-store services:

1. e-Marketing Consultancy
2. Search Engine Optimization and Marketing
3. Pay per click campaigns
4. SEO friendly Web Design
5. Shopping cart and Content Management System
6. Payment Gateway
7. Usability Analysis
8. Web Analytics
9. Flash Animation
10. Flash Programming
11. Offshore e-Business management

Web Designing

Instoremasters is the right  place to come for Web Design, with our expertise in creating portals, graphic designing and E-commerce we can bring forth quality sites with ease. yu just have to tell us your ideas and general nature of the content and we will do the rest. 

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eCommerce development

If it is a complete E-store that you want, then look no further than Instoremasters. We will create the best quality art and graphic work and an efficient system that has all the essential components like shopping carts, payment system, catalogues and order process. 

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Ready-to-run Solutions

At Instoremasters we have ready -to-run solutions that can turn E-store ideas into reality. This task is one for the professionals like us because mistakes in this field can cause a big setback to your online marketing strategy. We can give hundreds of quality options for ready-to-run solutions best suited for your needs.

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Is your site invisible? Not getting enough clicks? Then your site lacks proper SEO. Certain small adjustments can make your site list prominently in Google, Yahoo or any other search engine. Instoremasters brings you credible SEO techniques partnered with another international company for clients requiring solutions. 

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Pay Per Click Mgt.

For quick results, when you are short on budget, Pay-per-click campaigns can do the trick. Even if SEO is the best method to employ for getting a high ranking, this is a good cost effective choice for smaller websites on low capital

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Payment Gateway

Even though online shopping,banking and payments have increased, people still have doubts regarding its safety, due to password and ID thefts. At Instoremasters we present a payment gateway module that will help your company and your clients to safely and securely process online transactions at real-time with ease. 

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Outsourcing services

At Instoremasters we have qualified professionals willing to take the workload off your hands. Since cost-cutting and outsourcing seems to be the mantra nowadays, partner with us to create a rounded enterprise. This is the best choice for your E-store needs. 

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